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What does ‘Business Success’ look like for you?

When people talk about business success I often wonder if they know how to define it.

You see, it is so subjective.  It means vastly different things to different people and particularly different business owners.

So when I am asked what it takes to be successful in business, my first question is what does success look like for you?

Only when you truly know where you are heading can you begin to start charting the route.

How do I achieve Success?

As the Business Success Consultant, it’s not surprising I get asked this question a lot. And whilst I could cover it in a number if ways, one thing stands out above all else:

Successful business owners in my experience do what most others are not prepared to do.

Now that does not necessarily mean doing the hard yards.  Although it can and usually does mean working unsociable hours, sacrificing in the short term (possibly for a few years) time in the sun and with family, holidays etc. But it’s more than this.

Most people find the route of least resistance and follow it. Human nature seems to dictate that whatever the masses do the rest of us should do too.

I remember seeing a spoof television program once where a man walking in a city somewhere just looked and stared upwards.  Before long a small crowd was doing the same, and loads more passers by also looked up trying to see what he was staring at.  He was staring at nothing (because it was a spoof) but the human instinct of others assumed they should do the same because they might miss something.

Whether at school or in society we are told what is and what is not possible, and most tread the path of mediocrity  Working hard enough to get by and achieve a mediocre lifestyle.

Ask most people how they view their life and the answer that most often comes back is it is ‘OK’.  There are those that are less satisfied and a few that always seem to be happy and content, but for most people they work hard to get to OK.

For the those who drive for success, OK is not enough. They set the bar high and are tenacious, basically doing whatever it takes (within reason) to achieve their goals.

Challenging the Status Quo

The ‘Status Quo’ and the assumption that conformity is the right way is the wrong way if you are seeking to achieve a success level that places you financially, spiritually or physically above the masses.

We would still be using candles and oil  to light up the darkness each night if Edison had not broken the mould and invented the light bulb. Imagine the doubters when Alexander Graham Bell first suggested his belief in the ability to communicate with others miles away using a telephone.  Think how better our life is today because Karl Benz invented the first modern car, and the Wright Brothers developed our ability to fly in planes.

The most successful people I know look at the masses doing something that often achieves little or at best equates to ‘doing OK’, and then think how can I do it differently to get a better result.

Have You Got What It Takes?

Sounds harsh but you need to be honest with yourself.

I see so many people strive pointlessly for the ‘success’ they desire, when they would be better just getting on with living life as one of the masses.  Many ‘ambitious’ people waste endless time seeking short-cuts. If this describes you STOP and get real.

It’s tough, but who said it wouldn’t be.

But if you are prepared to do what most others will not, ignore the doubters, don’t make excuses, battle the inevitable repeating self- doubt, be consistent and resilientfor long enough, then I do believe your success is guaranteed.

Whatever your Nirvana looks like, you can make it and will deserve it when you get there.

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