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Meet Clive Margetts

Clive Margetts is a business consultant specialising in helping business owners wanting to buy or sell a business. Whether you want to grow through acquisition or exit your business through a successful sale, Clive has the knowledge, experience and network to help make it happen.

About Clive Margetts

As a serial entrepreneur, Clive has personally walked the walk himself. Launching, scaling, acquiring and selling multiple businesses. So he’s not just got the theory! He’s been there and done it before himself. This expertise and hands-on experience are priceless, but when you work with Clive, you also get access to his network.

Who You Know Matters…

While you will work directly with Clive, you’ll also gain access to his network of over 270 other business acquirers across the US, UK, Australia, Germany, Spain and Portugal. This can be an invaluable resource when you’re looking for someone to buy your business.

There are investors and business owners out there who could be looking to buy a business just like yours right now. Clive will help you find the right people, at the right time – and equip you with the knowledge you need to negotiate and navigate a successful merger or acquisition.

Who Clive & His Network Work With

Clive and his network of business acquirers work with business owners, entrepreneurs and new investors who want to buy or sell a business and need help understanding the process or finding a buyer.

With hundreds of years of experience between them, Clive and his network can work with most sectors but they have a special interest in:

Digital Marketing

(particularly those selling digital products/services)


Renewable Energy




Commercial Real Estate

Is The Business Success Consultant Right For You?

As with many successful business mergers and acquisitions experts, Clive is in the fortunate position that he doesn’t have to do deals that don’t sit right. Opportunity and relationships are more important than the financial rewards, so it’s important that you, your business and Clive are a good fit.

Of course, there does have to be a commercial benefit that rewards everyone involved in the end! But most importantly, you need to be on the same wavelength for the magic to really happen.

So, whether you are looking to build a significant group or sell your life’s project, the first step is a virtual meeting of minds over Zoom to see if you and Clive “click”.

No need for any fancy or grand plans (you’ll sort that together if you’re a good fit), just bring yourself and a clear vision of what you want to ultimately achieve. If there’s a connection, Clive will work with you to create the road map to achieving your goals.

The Journey So Far…


With big plans, Clive seeks to invest in and acquire businesses where an exit is sought whilst also helping other forward thinking business owners achieve their own personal plus business goals.


Clive aquires an equity stake in a US marketing company.


Clive is invited to join two other independently successful entrepreneurs in building a respected Digital Marketing firm that delivers contemporary and cutting edge digital marketing services and assets to private audiology clinics across the US. He latterly becomes CEO of Orange & Gray.


Despite the Coronavirus pandemic Clive helps to steer Orange & Gray and its’ clients through possibly the most challenging commercial landscape ever, almost doubling the turnover of the business in the process as it crashes through the $ 1 million turnover threshold.


Clive sells a partial equity stake in Orange & Gray, valuing the business at $10m.


Clive exits his educational procurement business having decided to take a lifestyle change and launches The Business Success Consultant!


Clives sells his CMC for a lump sum and residual earn-out.


Clive acquires a failing Educational Procurement Company with cash. It is turned around into cash positive within 3 months and moves to larger premises commanding over 2600 feet of warehousing space, latterly developing an additional mezzanine space to cater for increased growth.


Clive receives and accepts an offer for Gemstone. His CMC thrives and accumulates a clear cash balance of £108000 within 7 short months.


Clive sells his interest in the Debt Recovery firm and sets up a Claims Management Company (CMC) driven by assisting those excluded from mainstream ‘Claims’ services due to their financial status.