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Scale Your Business & Create An Exit Strategy That’s Profitable, Simple & Protects Your Legacy

With A Business Consultant Who’s Been There & Done It Before…

Scaling and exiting a large business isn’t easy. Whether you’re an entrepreneur that’s been driving the business since it was a startup or the CEO of a legacy family business, the pressure and responsibility to keep the business growing, thriving and strong can feel immense. 

There’s no shortage of coaches out there who will help you to grow your business. But what about when you’re gone? 

Time’s ticking by and at some stage, you’ll want to exit the business and enjoy a little of the finer things in life. 

But how can you exit without putting the business at risk? How can you move on without destroying everything you (and possibly your ancestors before you) have built? 

Exiting your business doesn’t have to mean selling to the competition or a private equity firm, only to see your company engulfed or your staff laid off. Not when you’ve planned it right. 

There is another way. By scaling your business now through growth or acquisition with a solid exit strategy, you can ensure that your business, your staff and your legacy are protected, even after you’re gone. 

Is Clive The Right Business Consultant For You?

​Clive is the business consultant for you if: 

  • You’ve got a 7 or 8 figure business that you want to scale. 
  • You want to create an exit strategy that ensures your business survives after you retire. 
  • You’re looking for a consultant who has actually been there and done it. 
  • You’d like to grow through acquisition, but you need some help. 
  • You want someone who’s honest, relatable and not all about the money. 

Hi, I’m Clive Margetts

Choosing a business consultant can seem a little overwhelming. There’s no shortage of options out there! But not all consultants who offer support have actually walked the walk. As a business owner and a consultant, I’ve not only helped other entrepreneurs to scale through growth and acquisition, but I’ve actually been there and done it myself multiple times. This means I have a deep understanding of the challenges you’re facing and I know how to help you navigate the challenges that scaling, acquisition and exiting can bring.


What Clive’s Clients Say…

Who Clive Works With…

Clive works with 7+ figure UK based businesses that want to scale through growth or acquisition or to create an exit strategy that protects their business, staff and legacy. With experience in a range of industries, Clive works with businesses in most sectors, but he has a special interest in…


With a family background in manufacturing, Clive has a wealth of experience in this sector and an in-depth understanding of the unique challenges manufacturers face as they grow.

Health & Fitness 

The health and fitness industry is booming. Clive’s personal interest in this sector and knowledge of growth through acquisition and strategic exit can help ensure you get the most out of your health and fitness business. 

Digital Marketing 

As a digital marketing business owner, Clive has a deep understanding of the challenges and advantages of growing and exiting a marketing company.