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Business Consultancy For 7+ Figure Businesses That Want To Grow, Scale Through Acquisition Or Exit

With Clive Margetts, The Business Success Consultant

Struggling with the pains of scaling your business? Considering acquiring another company but not sure how to navigate the process? Thinking about exiting your business and want to be sure your legacy will remain intact? 

Whether you’re an ambitious entrepreneur keen to keep driving growth or a CEO that’s coming up to retirement age and looking for a safe exit, getting the right advice and support can make everything so much easier. 

Helping 7+ figure business owners scale, grow through acquisition and exit in a way that protects your legacy and your staff is exactly what Clive Margetts, The Business Success Consultant does. 

About Consultancy With Clive Margetts

Consultancy with Clive is easy, flexible and tailored to suit your own unique needs. Working with you on a long term basis, Clive will get to know you and your business. He’ll dig deep into the challenges of what you’re trying to achieve and work with you to plan, prepare and navigate the journey in the most efficient and effective way. 

Combining remote working via video conferencing or phone, with some on-site visits, means that Clive can be on hand to support you when you need it most. Most of the process will be completed in set session times, giving you opportunity to prepare any questions or information, but you’ll also get Clive’s phone number for emergencies too!

Consultancy with Clive Margetts is ideal for you if…

  • You want to scale and grow your 7 figure+ business efficiently and successfully.
  • You want to acquire another business and need some help to navigate the process. 
  • You’re looking towards the future and you’re not sure how to exit your business. 
  • You need someone you can trust, who’s got the knowledge and experience to help you overcome your challenges. 
  • You need straight-talking, efficient and effective support from someone who’s walked this road before. 

About Clive Margetts 


Clive is a business consultant who’s been there and done it before. The journey you’re taking is a tough one. Whether you’re scaling, acquiring or exiting, you’re going to come across some tough challenges and you’ll need someone who really knows their stuff supporting you every step of the way. As a serial entrepreneur who has built, sold and acquired multiple businesses, Clive has first hand experience and knows exactly how to make the road less bumpy. 

To learn more about Clive and his background click here… 

    What Clive’s Clients Say… 

    Is Clive A Good Fit For You?

    As The Business Success Consultant, Clive works with 7+ figure UK based business owners throughout the UK. Clive’s background is varied, giving him a broad depth of experience and deep knowledge of the challenges that any business faces as they go through this transformation.

    While Clive will consider any industry, he has a specialist interest in: 

    • Manufacturing 
    • Health & Fitness 
    • Digital Marketing