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Copywriting and Communication – The Power Of Words:

Get your copywriting right and it can jet propel you ahead of everyone else from a marketing perspective.  There are so many elements to cover such as positioning, order of roll-out, headlining amongst many more.

However, one critical element stands above all else, because get your communication wrong and all your other efforts fall down.  However, get it right and you will not look back. Your wording is critical.

Not convinced?

Let me give a real-life, albeit historic example.

Years ago I use to collect debt.  (I can almost hear the boo’s and hissing as I draft this piece).

One day I was speaking to another ‘collector’ who was really struggling to get payments made, month after month.  They were worried about getting sacked.  We discussed their approach in detail, and I have to say that 99% of it was fine.  They were not confrontational (as good debt collectors aren’t), they were empathetic, built rapport and generally had a good relationship with the client’s.  Unfortunately, many did not pay.

Subtle Word Tweaks

Now I did say 99% was good, but sometimes it is the small margins that count.

I established that when she got to requesting payment she asked ‘Do you have a debit card to hand?’

Sounds reasonable doesn’t it?

Unfortunately what she and you may have forgotten is that many of the people we were speaking with have been through this routine on multiple occasions and were prepared for this question.  As soon as it was asked, the response came back as something like ‘Err, sorry no …..’ after which followed I do not have one, or my partner has it, I have left it at work, the dog ate it etc. etc.

You get the idea.

I suggested that instead she continue to build rapport, establish their ‘pay’ date in the course of conversation (may be around the discussion about their job/career), latterly discuss the arrears and payment schedule (as she had been doing), get them to confirm what was agreed and immediately then hit them with ‘OK great, can I take the long card number down the centre of your debit card?’.  Invariably, all but the incredibly sharp (very few to be honest) would be in auto-pilot mode and say something like ‘Yes, I shall just get it’.   Boom!!

The Power of Assumption

She was sceptical until I explained the psychology behind it.  Her way she was asking if they had one, to which they could instinctively say ‘No’.  I was assuming they had one and because they did they instinctively said ‘Yes’.

A subtle change to the wording but her results sky-rocketed thereafter.

I plan to create another post that provides examples of keywords, expressions, and methodology to help you get more from your communication and that important copywriting activity.  So keep checking for that.

Your first tip is, use the power of assumption in your communication.

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