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I have had several businesses in the high-tech, consulting and financial sectors. I have known Clive since 2000 and done business with him on all fronts - as a customer, a supplier and as a JV partner. I have had dealings with many business consultants and where Clive excels for me is his ability to cut through the usual BS and get straight to the point of what the problem is and the options around how it can be solved quickly, simply and cost effectively. If you are a business owner and are looking for no-nonsense, practical, 'here is what I would do' advise, I highly recommend Clive. He has been a business owner himself for many years and has been there, done it all, seen it all, fixed it all and risked his own money along the way. This in my opinion makes him a man worth listening too. In a crowded market place of so called business consultants, most of whom have either never had a business or done it with their own money, I trust Clive's advise more than others. If you are looking for a fresh pair of eyes and ears with a pragmatic approach, I would strongly recommend you speak with Clive
by Bryan Lymer - Managing Director - Kontango
I have known Clive for over ten years now and have always found him to be fair and ethical with not only myself but also his customers and staff. I was particularly impressed when he asked me to undertake some research amongst his customers and potential customers in order to understand what their experience of dealing with his company was like. It was a delight to be able to report back to Clive that his customers and potential customers all liked his products and would happily go back to him if the need arose for his products and services. The nature of his business meant that not only Clive, but also his team, had to demonstrate and deliver an empathetic approach whilst also maintaining a professional discipline with the customers creditors with whom they were dealing. Added to this, of course, was a strong technical capability to ensure that appropriate outcomes for his customers were achieved.
by Nick Wood - Business Consultant and Non-Executive Director
I have worked with and known Clive for almost 30 years and have watched his career blossom from a young arrears administrator to a very successful business man in his own right. His accomplishments during that period have left me full of admiration and he has impressed me greatly with his work ethic, attention to detail and his dynamic approach to all the tasks and goals he sets himself whist retaining a cool head and an ethical approach to business. If you want an insight into how to run and build a successful business through all the ups and downs through to its eventual sale Clive will give you a very valuable insight into that journey.
by Alan Sinnett - Partner - Shakespeares Martineau

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