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My online membership programmes are for business owners and entrepreneurs that want to get ahead of the rest and be the most successful they can be, with weekly bitesize content that flexibly fits into any busy routine.

As an entrepreneur and business owner your quality is in your unique ability and desire to make a difference, and what a shame it would be if you did not realise your full potential.

Unfortunately so many do not, and this is why over half of the businesses that start up within the UK fail during the first five years.

The problem is when we decide to set up a business we know what we know, that is our expertise, but we don’t know how to run a business.  This is your weakness.  It’s not your fault but it is holding you back.

Whilst personally successful, I often think if only I knew then what I know now then it would have been so much easier and I would have achieved so much more.  Indeed, my third business that I took to profit actually had a clear positive bank balance of over £108,000 within 9 months.

The reality is that over 95% of business owners fail to develop their knowledge, relying on learning from experience.  That is an expensive, time consuming and sometimes dangerous (for the business) approach, not to mention a false economy.

Whereas that top 5% of high achievers routinely invest in themselves and their own development recognising that this will put them ahead of the game, which is where they want to be and where they intend to stay.

If you want to become a high achiever then I will be only too happy to help you get there by delivering crucial but simple lessons on a range of subjects that will support you in building that highly profitable and personally rewarding business.

So, if you want to get more from your business whilst doing less then sign up for your Business Booster course today:

Business Breakthroughs –  For entrepreneurs whose businesses are in their foundation stages or where you feel the business is not making the progress you hoped for.  Here I ensure you and your business are primed for growth and starting to make profit.

Just £1349 or 3 monthly instalments of £500

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Business Accelerator (COMING SOON) – An essential digital course for any business owner not satisfied with just doing OK, and a great follow on from the Business Breakthroughs teachings. Here I seek to develop your understanding and get more out of what you currently do, significantly increasing your profitability!

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Just £2597 or 3 instalments of £900

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Business – Full Throttle! – Ready to take your  business to a whole new level? Then you are looking at the right course, and ‘Full Throttle’  is also the perfect next step up from the Business Accelerator course.  Ideal for business owners with real ambition that want to take their Company as far as it can go!

If you want to get ahead of the rest by gaining instant access to this new development material as soon as it becomes available, this course is not available until January 2018 but if you commit now and you will save £298 off the full list price, getting an advanced business programme for just £999.  It’s my way of thanking you for being an early engager!  Click the ‘Count Me ‘In button now to secure your priority placement.

Just £5247 or 3 monthly instalments of £1867

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The Business Success Programme  – Are you the type of entrepreneur that wants it all and likes to ‘Go Large’?  Only 1% of Business Owners are said to be ‘super-successful’ as they are prepared to go ‘all in’ to guarantee they get to where they want to be.  If I am describing you, then The Business Success Programme is the one you should choose.

Just £7997 or 12 payments of £700

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Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is my priority, and I want you to buy with confidence.  So if you have completed any online course of mine and do not feel you have received value for money having implemented 50% of the teachings, just complete my digital feedback form for a no quibble full money back refund.