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If you are seeking to build your business via online means and/or Social Media then you must get organised in terms of Content Creation.  Otherwise it becomes inconsistent and difficult to schedule everything in.

If you have ever thought posting online on a regular, I mean daily basis, was difficult due to time constraints and/or content development, then I’ll be honest, I have been there too.

Yup, it affects us all, that is until you get a plan proper plan for managing it.

6 Basic ‘Content’ Rules

  1. Trying to just come up with new stuff each day is not effective and will end up in you not being consistent.  So first off you need to schedule some time either every week or fortnight to really knuckle down and spend some time coming up with and creating multiple content releases.
  2. Struggling with content?  Try registering for facilities such as Crowdfire or Google Alerts.  This hopefully will give some inspiration.
  3. Re-purpose.  Yep. Might sound like a cope out, but trying to come up with something original for every single media and day will mean you do little else.  Unless you are super-famous or have a stalker, you are not going to have anyone that looks at all your updates on every media.  Even if they do, so what! So may be start with a blog post and use it or elements of it for a daily feed on social Media.
  4. Come up with a strategy that works for your business.  By this I mean select which platforms you will engage with in terms of Social Media, and how often you should be posting?
  5. Next be consistent and stick to your plan. Whether you use scheduling tools like Buffer or Hootesuite or not, make sure you post regularly.  Consistency is critical.
  6. Mix it up. Don’t just post comments.  Use pictures or video to create interest and even on Facebook use the Live option to ensure you get in front of your audience.

Following these simple rules takes a lot of the stress and panic out of promoting via blog posts and social media.

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