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Your Options

When it comes to investing in your business growth, you have 2 options:

Invest in less, or invest in the best.

Annoyingly, there’s never an in-between, and that’s always the conundrum for growth-hungry business owners, as cheap quotes are so damn tempting, as surely all business coaches do the same thing, right?

Wrong. Business coaching is an unregulated industry and therefore anyone can make false claims.

The way you separate the real deals from the dodgy deals is by looking at these 2 things:

  • Does the coach have a proven record of what he/she claims to achieve?
  • Is this confidently and transparently reflected in his/her fee?

Below you will see my fees along with a breakdown of what you get for them. I’m deliberately transparent with you here because, at this stage of your decision-making process, you need to know the facts, and I am certainly not for everyone.

You might be gulping. You might be nodding your head, but what I hope you’re doing is making a shrewd judgement on me based on these fees, whilst asking yourself, “do my monetary goals make this investment pay for itself times over?”

That one’s on you.

If your answer is yes, then there are some things you should know:

1. My fees are subscription-based because ongoing investment is required to build on our groundwork ensuring you get consistent, profitable results. It also spreads the cost for you.

2. You are welcome to cease at any time. You’re not tied in. Beware of quotes that do – it suggests a lack of confidence in results.

3. You are accountable for your actions, which is why I do not offer iron-clad guarantees. I will not be held responsible in the highly unlikely event you do not act on my guidance.

4. In my 20+ year career, I have never been asked to issue a single refund, and I don’t intend to, so, in that vein, no refunds.

5. For your own sake, do your own due diligence. Read my testimonials, and I mean really read them. Do they talk about the specific things you need help with? If not, bolt. If so, diligence is done.

6. Discounts are not an option, so please don’t ask. In truly exceptional circumstances, I may consider equity in replace of a portion of the fee, but ONLY after the completion of the Core Focus Period.

Now you’ve seen the investment, I repeat, it’s down to you to judge whether your monetary goals make this investment pay for itself times over. If not, then I advise you to look elsewhere. However, if it does, then book yourself a Discovery Call and let’s get this business growth party started.

If you would like a more comprehensive breakdown of my fees, you can see them here.